Let’s Get To Know One Another...

My Name is Jonelle Forbes, and I would love to capture your most important moments...

You know how when you met the love of your life your conversations just flowed effortlessly? That’s the type of relationship I have with my clients.

I am a BIG believer in authenticity, and I truly feel that nothing beats a genuine smile, hug, or kiss. That’s my approach to every portrait session, wedding, or engagement I shoot.

As a professional, I am committed to artistically and timelessly capturing the most important moments in your life. As a mother, I am naturally inclined to see the beauty in life’s uniqueness. I understand that perfection is an illusion and that imperfection can truly be beautiful.

That’s why I value honesty, authenticity, inclusiveness, creativity, quality, and the little details. Art, like every other aspect of life, requires honesty and authenticity. Of course, it also requires creativity and inclusiveness to be valuable.

I infuse these values into every photo session to give my clients an experience they’ll cherish.

Things I Love:

  • Photography
  • Elopements (I love adventure!)
  • Weddings
  • Couples who are in love
  • My family (which of course includes my two dogs!)

My Background

I was born with a love for photography. Since high school, I have been taking photos of friends, family, and anyone I could. I could never get enough of snapping photos and putting my artistic spin on every image. I decided to turn my love for photography into my career in 2015. And my biggest secret is, being a photographer is NOT a job to me. It is my passion. I LOVE working with my clients. I LOVE capturing the little details that make their big day amazing.

I Would Love To Be Your Photographer

Whether you need someone to capture your family portrait or are planning an elopement, I want to be the person behind the camera. I want to work with you to create gorgeous photos. During every photo session, I am searching for two things: perfect lighting and genuine moments. I also recognize that your story is different. And that comes through in every photo.

I look forward to meeting you...

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